Stop War On Iran Protest: Iran Laughs

On Saturday, August 2nd, more fools attempted to get their pro-active pre-surrender message out. Their “emergency call to to action,” if you will. They did it in many cities around the country, including Raleigh

A group protesting against a possible war with Iran demonstrated in Raleigh Saturday.

The North Carolina Coalition to Stop War on Iran held a march and rally to protest the growing threat of western-led attacks on Iran. Similar protests took place in 60 other cities across the country.

No other media except WRALbothered covering this protest, and that story only had the above two paragraphs, followed by one about a group protesting to support the US troops. If you check the photo at WRAL, you’ll notice they didn’t bother getting a good one, kind of blurry, as well as the pre-surrender monkey on the right forgetting what the protest was about.

They have petitions and email campaigns. They want to stop the passage of Resolution 362, which “calls on the President to initiate a land, sea, and air blockade of Iran. Such a blockade is considered an act of war under international law and is clearly meant to escalate tensions and pave the way for an attack on Iran.” They have their talking points set. And Iran is laughing at them (CBS)

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad insisted Saturday that Tehran will not give up its “nuclear rights,” according to the official Web site of the Iranian leader, in remarks that rebuffed an informal deadline set by the U.N. Security Council’s five permanent members and Germany.


Iran said on Saturday it would not back down “one iota” in its nuclear row with major powers, voicing defiance on the day of an informal deadline set by the West over Tehran’s disputed atomic ambitions.

Most folks do not want to have to go to war with Iran. Most would prefer a peaceful resolution, which is what negotiators from the European Union, the United Nations, and the United States have been working on for years. All to no avail. Iran wants The Bomb. They want to create their own. They will not stop. And they are a country that it is a serious danger to allow to have one, not to mention their Non-Proliferation Treaty obligations. They have threatened to wipe Israel out multiple times. They are a supporter of Middle Eastern terrorism. They have ambitions to control the entire region. They have meddled and killed our soldiers in Iraq.

But, some would prefer blaming the United States for the issue, rather then Iran. This is like blaming the hottie in a mini-skirt for being raped.

They have every Right to protest. Our Founders gave that to them. But, I reckon’ our Founders thought folks protesting would have a clue.

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