Man Woman Gives Birth, America Is Definitely Home of the Free

He is not a he, he is a she with boobs lopped off and testosterone that would increase the size of the clitoris and make it look more penis-like. Let’s be real here. A man cannot carry a baby. She was not born with ambiguous genitalia. This “dude” is not a dude. She is a dudette. She is a mother. She gave birth through her vagina. That’s right “he” gave birth naturally.

He is a she. I am sick of the politically correct nonsense around this woman. Just because someone has surgery and names herself a man, doesn’t make it so. Might make her delusional. And it makes the news media look more insane than average, too,”The new dad walked easily, although he appeared tired, …. Someone opened the door for him.” Oh, and can you imagine how this kid is going to feel about “dad”. This is just nuts. (Couldn’t resist.)

She is free to call herself whatever she wants. This is America. And so I am free to call her a she and so I will.

Cross-posted at Dr. Melissa Clouthier where I shared pictures of the local 4th of July parade. Hey! It qualifies as citizen journalism.

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