Studies Find Conservatives Are More Honest

This shouldn’t surprise many people. According to a Pew Research poll, the liberals who relentlessly advocate higher taxes are three times more likely than conservatives to think it’s okay to cheat when paying them. They are more than twice as likely to excuse getting paid under the table so as to keep collecting unemployment benefits. Liberals also have less of a problem with shoplifting and buying stolen goods.

A study published in the Journal of Legal Tax Research confirms that liberals take tax evasion less seriously. One in the Journal of Business Ethics found that conservatives have “higher levels of ethical values.” Another in the same journal found that liberals are more likely to cheat, plagiarize, and let others take the blame for their ethical lapses. The Journal of Psychology found a link between liberal political views and “lying in your own self-interest.”

Peter Schweitzer blames this not on liberals being bad people, but on them having been corrupted by a bad ideology:

Modern liberalism is infused with idea that truth is relative. Surveys consistently show this. And if truth is relative, it also must follow that honesty is subjective.

Sixties organizer Saul Alinsky, who both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton say inspired and influenced them, once said the effective political advocate “doesn’t have a fixed truth; truth to him is relative and changing, everything to him is relative and changing. He is a political relativist.”

What’s wrong with cheating and lying when reality is whatever we find it convenient to pretend it is?

The choice isn’t so much between right and left, as between right and wrong. Yet again we see that liberalism is the ideology of decline.

Saul Alinsky, founding father of liberal morality.

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