Suggest Some Music For Me

Here are the top 20 songs on my MP3 list right now. To be honest, I haven’t found a lot of great, new stuff to listen to over the last few months. Take a look at my list and suggest some new songs for me…

50 Cent: Hate It or Love It
AC/DC: Thunderstruck
Evanescence: Bring Me To Life
Gin Blossoms: Jealousy
Gratitude: If Ever
Glukoza: Schweine
John Mayer: Say
Nickelback: Far Away
Nickelback: Photograph
Nickelback: Savin’ Me
Nickelback: Someday
Motorhead: Ace of Spades
Nas: Hero
Pink: Who Knew
Saving Abel: Addicted
Seether: Out of My Way
Snow Patrol: Chocolate
The Mercenaries 2 Choir: Oh No You Didn’t
TI: No Matter What
Wu Tang Clan: Reunited

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