Suggest Some Playstation 2 Games For Me Try Out

I’ve traded in some old PS2 games at Blockbuster and have built up some store credit and I’m looking to pick up some used PS2 games.

I’m a big fan of the Ratchet and Clank games, the Wrestling games, and State of Emergency was a blast. On the other hand, I’m generally not a big fan of racing or sports games — other than Madden 2004, which I picked up for a song as part of the trade-in, and I couldn’t stand “Grand Theft Auto”.

Keeping in mind that I really haven’t played all that many PS2 games, how about giving me some suggestions and telling me why you think I should grab those games? Do keep in mind that I refuse to spend any cash on this =D & I’ll probably be more partial to the older games than the brand new ones because they use up less store credit.

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