Summer Is Here, And Let’s Face It, We’re Tired Of These Guys

This campaign season could not have been more fatiguing. As much fun as it was to watch the sissy fight between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, it’s over now. As an aside, I’ve had to chuckle about the talk of the “brutal campaign season”. What? The Democratic primary candidates hardly disagreed policy-wise and when things got to stressful, Hillary cried and Obama lamented the “distraction” and demanded an apology. What a bunch of weenies. It’s not like we were watching Lincoln and Douglas or anything.

So now, we have what we have. Looking at the candidates, one can only sigh and ask, “Is this the best we could do?” Since the answer seems to be yes, and that in itself is depressing, might as well enjoy the lovely weather outside and ignore the bleak implications of either a McCain or Obama candidacy (and this post will make my friend mad who thinks everyone should be enthusiastically rallying to McCain’s banner, to which I responded, “isn’t it enough that I’m going to hold my nose and vote for this man?” Evidently not.).

I’m wondering about how you’re spending your time these days.

Now that the Democratic primary is over, I’m spending …..
more time looking at political blogs
less time looking at politcal blogs
about the same amount of time looking at political blogs free polls

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