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Let’s be honest here: most of you don’t normally click on my advertisers. You know it, I know it, we all know it. That’s just life on the internet and allowances are made for it

So here’s what I’m hoping: if you read RWN regularly and you seldom, if ever click on the ads, how about clicking on them now? I’m not saying you have to look at all of them, but how about looking at let’s say 3 of them. Pick the three that look most interesting to you and give ’em gander.

You may think it doesn’t make a difference, but it does. A click-through rate that’s even a percentage point or two higher than normal can impress advertisers and make them more likely to spend advertising dollars.

So, come on, just click on 3 of these ads. Give it a shot…

Buy A Right Wing News T-Shirt
The Case Against Capital
Opinion Journal Political Diary E-Mail Newsletter
Place A Bet On Iraq
PRI’s Environmental Index 2005 10th Ed.
Rightalk Online Radio
Right-Wing Stuff
Say No To Specter’s Asbestos Trust Fund!
Right Wing Attire
Wanted: Real Estate Investors

PS: I currently have banner ad space available. If you’re interested, contact me at Do keep in mind that banner ads tend to go VERY FAST so I’d advise you to email ASAP if you’d like a slot.

Here are the details on the ads:

You can purchase a 468×60 banner ad on RWN for $60 a month. The banners appear on every page of RWN. If you’re interested, send $60 to my Paypal account (which is also located in the support section — please mention what the money is for in the comments section) and email me your 20kb or smaller banner ad at I will sell a maximum of 4 of these ads per month.

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