Surprise, Surprise, The Bush Administration Is Foot Dragging On Hiring Border Guards

One of the biggest problems with getting an immigration bill passed is that you absolutely cannot trust the pro-amnesty people in the government, be they Republican or Democrats, to keep their promises about enforcing laws against illegal immigration. Here’s another example of that,

“As planning begins to reduce the number of National Guard troops along the border with Mexico, less than 1,000 of 6,000 new U.S. Border Patrol agents that the Bush administration wants in place by the end of next year have been hired.

As of March 17, the Border Patrol has only been able to hire and train 593 new agents or 9 percent of the administration’s goal, according to Javier Rios, a Border Patrol spokesman in Washington.

Screening new agents and a lengthy training process have resulted in the relatively small number of new hires. By the end of 2008, the administration wants a Border Patrol force of about 18,000 agents, up from the 12,000 in place when the president ordered the troops to the border last June.

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Guard commanders in California and other states assigned to the border duty are starting to put together plans to reduce the troop presence.

There were 1,389 members of the California Guard’s air and ground units on the border last week, a number that probably will fall to between 1,000 and 1,100 by the fall, said Lt. Col. Jon Siepmann, a Guard spokesman in Sacramento.”

The Bush Administration signed a bill before the election to build a fence. After the election, they backed cutting the length of the fence way back. The Bush Administration has bragged about how many border guards they’re going to hire, now they’re not living up to their promises.

You can trust George Bush, John McCain, Ted Kennedy, and Harry Reid to enforce illegal immigration laws about as much as you can trust Kim Jong-Il to keep his word about dismantling his nuclear weapons program.

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