Syria Seeing The Light? By Mark Noonan

Syria has withdrawn from Lebanon (though there are indications that they have left some intelligence assets in place), and now this news story indicates that Syria might be trying to extricate itself from the terrorist campaign in Iraq:

…Syria’s decision to re-establish ties [with Iraq] after 23 years of severance could be key to easing the insurgency in Iraq and boosting regional security, given Syria’s 310-mile (499-kilometer) shared border with Iraq and its strong ties with Iraq’s Sunni tribes, analysts said.

…Syria is at juncture “when it needs to offer a positive gesture to reduce the pressure and to show that there is response to pressure and it needs no more,” Abdel Gawad said by telephone from his base in Cairo.

“If it weren’t for American pressure on Syria, I doubt the Syrians would have done such a gesture,” he said.

I wanted to get that last bit in there just in case there’s any liberal out there who’s already working on a theory which has Syria taking action for some reason other than Bush Administration policy. The Arab/Moslem world is changing, and every last bit of it is directly attributable to our actions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This content was used with the permission of Blogs For Bush.

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