Taking it to the streets before the debate

All eyes are on my hometown, St. Louis, Mo., today because of the vice-presidential debate tonight. 

(For those of you in St. Louis for the event, head to Favazza’s restaurant if you’re looking for a great place to eat. Ask for Mark Favazza, my brother, and tell him you read about the place in a blog post by his sister.)

St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Adam Jadhav took to the streets to find out what people would ask Gov. Palin and Sen. Biden tonight if they had the chance–and made a video blog of the responses. It’s a nice little exercise in citizen-style journalism, but it can’t be taken as a good measure of everyday American attitudes. Jadhav didn’t go to any street, he went to Delmar, the main thoroughfare through a section of St. Louis that’s home to all things liberal. If you want a tattoo, the latest hemp product or the most under-rated indie album, you head to Delmar.

To be fair, Delmar is also home to Fitz’s delicious rootbeer and is the destination for anyone seeking the soul-healing powers of Chuck Berry. I’ve headed to the area for those very reasons myself. The point is that it’s not a logical hotspot to get a balanced read of opinions. Let’s hope the folks who have the privilege of attending the debate are more philosophically diverse than the people in the neighborhood surrounding Washington University.

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Perhaps "takin’ it to the streets" should be left to Michael McDonald and the Doobie Brothers:


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