Target Of Opportunity? How About A Target Of The FBI Instead?

Today, I ran across a website written by someone who appears to be to the right-of-center called, “Target of Opportunity — Eliminating the planet of liberals one at a time.

The website is just what it sounds like, a call to assassinate liberals and liberal groups, like Ward Churchill, Cindy Sheehan, and members of CodePINK, although the website never explicitly comes right out and says that. Instead you get comments like this,

This website is a list and record of people that have betrayed and endangered America by their Seditious and Treasonous activities. Operating under the false illusion of “Peaceful” and “Non-Violent” activism, their methods are anything but “Peaceful” and “Non-Violent”. These people present a serious threat to all Americans. Each and every one of them should be considered a TARGET OF OPPORTUNITY.

and this:

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This is a call to action! These anti-American liberals are dangerous people and need to be stopped! One person can make a big difference!!! There are those that read about history. There are those that make history. Which one do you want to be?

This is disgraceful and the piece of human garbage who wrote it should be hunted down by the FBI, investigated, and forced to stand trial. Put this guy in front of a jury of his peers and let them decide if he’s a threat.

Encouraging violence towards your political opponents is intolerable and should not be excused, whether the person inciting those attacks is on the right, or as is more often the case, on the left.

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