Ted Rall Lets Us Know What He Thinks Of America’s Soldiers

Ted Rall Lets Us Know What He Thinks Of America’s Soldiers: Ted Rall certainly qualifies as mainstream left-winger. After all, if he was on the fringes of the left, Yahoo certainly wouldn’t publish his columns and the New York Times wouldn’t run his cartoons right?

Well the man who is perhaps the left’s favorite cartoonist, today did a cartoon about the men and women who are fighting and dying in Iraq to protect our country and liberate the Iraqi people. In that cartoon, Rall referred to them as “contract killer(s).”

I guess that’s not surprising coming from a guy who said we shouldn’t support our troops in his March 11th column…

“(S)upporting our troops while they’re fighting an immoral and illegal war is misguided and wrong.

…The thing is, we don’t really have to win. Losing the Vietnam War sucked, but not fighting it in the first place would have been smarter. Losing to Third Worlders in PJs led Americans to decades of relative humility, self-examination and taking the moral high ground in conflicts such as Haiti and Kosovo. Our withdrawal from Nam was mainly the result of antiwar protests and public disapproval that swayed our elected representatives. It also saved a lot of money that would otherwise gone to save more “domino” dictatorships from godless communism.

Most Americans who didn’t actively protest the war at least sat on their hands during Vietnam. We should do the same during Bush’s coming unjust war of aggression. Members of our armed forces don’t deserve insults, but their role in this war doesn’t merit support. Cheering them as they leave and holding parades when they return would certainly be misinterpreted by citizens of other countries as popular support for an inglorious enterprise–and it would make it easier for Bush to send them off again, to Iran or Libya or wherever. Let’s keep our flags under wraps.

I want our troops to return home safely. I want them to live. Like a good German watching my countrymen march into Poland and Belgium and Luxembourg and France, I don’t want them to win and I don’t want them to lose.”

Yeah, we should keep our flag “under wraps” and root for another Vietnam since America is apparently the new Nazi Germany & we’re being “good German(s)” if we support our troops. And if you’re saying that you don’t support the troops and you’re talking about the merits of losing in Vietnam, you don’t get to credibly claim that you want our “contract killers” to live. If you’re rooting for another Vietnam, you’re rooting for thousands, maybe tens of thousands of American bodybags, because at the very least, that’s what it would take to bring our troops home.

Ted Rall is a despicable human being and it’s really sad that there is such a large audience for Rall’s bile on the left.

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