Ted Rall Shows You What Rush Limbaugh Is Talking About…

Ted Rall Shows You What Rush Limbaugh Is Talking About…: I ran across an obnoxious column by Ted Rall that I was going to comment on, but
Rush Limbaugh had already unknowingly summed it up brilliantly. I ran across the following words of wisdom from Rush on Zogby Blog….

“”The Democratic leadership (not you rank-and-file members) are drowning in hatred. It’s made them totally irrational, to the point where they can’t refrain from attacking George W. Bush even when they know doing so will hurt them more than it does him. If they didn’t hate Richard Nixon too, they’d do well to take heed of his farewell words: “Always remember others may hate you but those who hate you don’t win unless you hate them. And then you destroy yourself.”

Bush doesn’t hate guys like hate-filled Bob Byrd of the KKK. That’s the whole idea behind his “new tone.” Two things are going on with the Democrats and this latest attack on Bush over his landing on the USS Abraham Lincoln. Number One: Attacking Bush is the natural instinct of the reactionary Democrats and liberals, because they can’t go on living if they’re out of power much longer. Everything – duty, honor, country – is second to getting their power back.

Number Two: There is a seething rage and hatred for Bush. This hate fuels their attacks, and every single George W. Bush success stokes that fiery hate – which in turn leads to ever more brutal (and politically foolish) salvos. For example, every single thing these people said about Iraq turned out to be bupkis. Not one of the so-called peace movement’s nightmare scenarios came true. Now they see this great carrier landing, and they flip out! If we’d lost, you know damn well they’d be all over Bush for that, but they just can’t abide any reminder that this man they called an idiot won two wars against foes they called unbeatable in 18 months.

These überleftists, those of you marching in the anti-Bush peace marches who can’t get over this false talking point that Bush is “illegitimate” after 2000, have been infected with this hatred. I am talking about many of you rank-and-file people in some of this, because I think you’re the ones these Democrats think they’re winning over with this hatred in the presidential primaries. I’ve been asked what I’d do if I were on the other side of that carrier landing. I know this: I’d try to get in on it! At the very least I’d shut up about it, rather than talk about it so the news keeps playing the video of it over and over again.”

Even though Rush was talking about Dems like Robert Byrd who were furious over Bush’s trip to the USS Abraham Lincoln, what he said almost perfectly applies to this section of Ted Rall’s latest nauseating editorial…

“Democratic leaders ought to select their nominee in a smoke-filled room, call off the expensive and divisive primary process and order all other comers to stand down. Forget the union rallies, the badges and the buttons–whoever wins the nomination should invest every dime he can raise on the cruelest TV attack ads this country has ever seen.

Go after Bush’s ultimate Achilles’ heel: run countless loops of the inarticulate Resident’s clashes with the English language. “Too dumb to talk,” a sinister voiceover reads. “Too stupid to trust.” Use time-proven Republican methods, like name-calling: Extremist. Out of touch. Tax and spender. Hates workers. Racist. Homophobe. Corrupt CEO coddler. Idiot. Drunk. Cut to the post-pretzel-incident photo: “America needs a sober president.”

Forget ideas–voters respond to the personal stuff. Dwell on the two years Bush went AWOL from the Texas Air National Guard. “Brave Americans gave their lives in Vietnam,” a 30-second spot should intone as the camera pans over names of the fallen on the black wall in Washington. “Rich kid George W. Bush deserted. This coward snorted coke and drove drunk while other kids died.” Who doubts that if Gore had played up Bush’s DUI arrest, he would have picked up an extra 500 votes in Florida?

The stolen 2000 election shouldn’t become a clarion call for pity votes–Americans hate sore losers–but presented as straightforward evidence of Bush’s poor character. Contrast images of Gore’s graceful concession speech with shots of the screaming young hoodlums dispatched by Karl Rove to intimidate Florida election officials. Remind, remind, remind: “I know I can beat George Bush,” Lieberman said on May 4th. “Why? Because Al Gore (news – web sites) and I already did it.” That’s the snotty attitude Democrats need in order to prevail in 2004.”

Did Rush have Rall’s number or what? Oh..and just to add my two cents to this — All of those vicious GOP attacks on Clinton really made a big dent in his popularity didn’t they? Wasn’t he at 60%+ when he left office after his second term was over? Having seen my Party go down this dead-end road before (although not to the extent Rall is suggesting), I can’t say that I’m too worried about the Democrats doing the same thing.

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