“Teenagers are legitimate targets for terrorism” (warning: satire)

Mohammed Elmasry, head of the Canadian Idiotic Congress, today clarified his views on a number of issues in an attempt to construct a Grand Unified Field Theory of Retardation based on the stupidest things he’s said in the last 5 years.

Still stinging from reaction to his comments on “The Michael Coren Show” in 2004 that every Israeli citizen above the age of 18 is a combatant and a legitimate target of Muslim terrorism, Elmasry explained today:

“I was wrong. I admit it. The strangulation of a Canadian Muslim girl by her Muslim father for refusing to wear the completely voluntary Muslim headscarf which is and is not a Muslim symbol depending on what day of the week you ask me, has helped me see the truth.

“That truth is that we have to lower the age of ‘legitimate targets’ of violence to around age eleven. It is now clear to me that teenagers are a real problem and I should have included them in my original remarks about who it’s ok to murder with nail bombs.

“For that initial lapse, I apologize.”

“Now get off my lawn, you damn kids!”


(The day after I, Michelle Malkin and others mocked El-Mo for referring to Canada’s first Muslim honor killing as “a teenager issue”, he issued a new press release with lots of nicer sounding stuff in it. I’m just sayin’.)

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