Thank You Big Corporations!

Too often today, we hear people beating up big corporations. Liberals attack them, movies vilify them, politicians try to score cheap points with the public at their expense. But few people ever talk about everything that big corporations provide for America. They sell us quality goods and services, contribute vast sums to charity, and most importantly, help to provide jobs for Americans & boost the economy. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that you can’t be “anti-big corporation” and still credibly claim to want the US to have a strong economy.

So, since few other people seem willing to say it, I will….

Thank you Wal-Mart! Your low prices & large selection of products have made life much more convenient. Instead of making multiple trips to small stores all around town, I can now just make one trip to Wal-Mart and save money to boot. Wal-Mart, what a fantastic store!

Thank you Shell! Because you’ve helped to bring precious oil into our country, we Americans have the freedom to drive wherever we wish across this great land! Your oil powers everything from ambulances that take us to the hospital to planes which fly us cross country so we can introduce our grandparents to their brand new grandson. Thank you Shell, for all you do for us!

Thank you Halliburton. While liberals stateside have carped and complained about your company, the employees of Halliburton have made a huge positive impact in Iraq. More than a few Halliburton employees have actually lost their lives providing services for the Iraqi people and US soldiers under the most difficult and demanding of circumstances. A lot of people talk about the war on terror, but Halliburton employees in Iraq have actually helped fight it just by doing their jobs and that’s certainly appreciated.

Thank you Clear Channel Communications! Because of your tireless work, millions of Americans get to listen to their favorite radio hosts each day. Furthermore, because of companies like Clear Channel and talented hosts who work with them like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, & Dr. Laura Schlessinger, AM radio has been revitalized, creating lots of jobs for Americans all across the country.

Thank you McDonalds! Your delicious food, which is served up in a timely manner all across the globe, helps hungry people all across the globe get a quick meal when they’re in hurry.

Thank you Nike! Your fashionable, high quality sneakers have served me well many times in the past. Moreover, your overseas plants in places like Indonesia, Zimbabwe, & South Africa provide much needed jobs to people in those areas, prove the value of free trade, and help create marketing and management jobs back here in the good old U.S. Of A!

Thank you Microsoft! Your convenient and easy to use products like Internet Explorer, Windows XP, and Outlook Express have helped to popularize the internet. The simplicity and ease of use of Microsoft’s great products are why they’ve been able to dominate the market and help hundreds of millions of people across the globe enjoy and learn from the internet.

Capitalism rules, socialism drools — huzzah for big business =D

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