Thank You, Wal-Mart!

Long story short: I went to the doctor yesterday because of a problem with my leg and it turned out that I had an infection beneath the skin. So, the Doc prescribed an antibiotic called Keflex, which she told me to get at Wal-Mart because it was incredibly cheap.

So, how cheap was it? Well, the cost of Keflex in my dosage online is about $20. The cost at Wal-Mart? I kid you not — $4. If not for Wal-Mart, I would probably have about $16 less in my pocket.

That’s not too shabby and when you think about millions of transactions like that all across the country over the course of the year, it’s easy to see how Wal-Mart really helps the poor afford their medicine.

That’s why if liberals were really concerned about the poor, as opposed to catering to unions, they’d be Wal-Mart’s biggest supporters instead of complaining about the company on a regular basis.

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Update #1: From the comments section,

I’m just curious Mr. H. I did a quick online search for keflex or cephalosporin (which I believe is the generic) and four dollars seems very low indeed. Was it a copayment?
Or did you pay for the drug completely out of pocket? I don’t know of any prescription antibiotic that covers a ten day course (and I presume it is a ten day course) at that price.” — libliever

Yes, it was a ten day course and yes, I paid for the full amount out of pocket, and yes, it was just $4.

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