That’s The Dream: Cut On

That’s The Dream: Cut On The Bias made a post about being named RWN’s website of the day. In the comments section, a couple of people had interesting things to say.

First off, Andrew from Dodgeblog actually was talking about the strategy he uses to get Glenn Reynolds to link him…

“Congrats. THe trick to getting the prof to link to you, I found out, is to write something interesting when no one else is blogging much. Best time is weekends and even better holidays.”

When people are coming up with strategies to get linked on your page, that’s when you know you’ve made it.

Also, Christopher Kanis from The Spoons Experience chimes in with…

“Enjoy it! They (RWN) sent me a ton of traffic when I held the office a couple days ago.”

It’s actually incredibly easy to get linked for an entire week on Right Wing News. You see the referrers section on the left? Here’s a little secret; most weeks, sending me 20 visitors over the course of entire week is enough to get you on that list. When you consider that I compile the list every Sunday and it stays up for an entire week, that’s not a bad deal considering the amount of traffic it puts your website in front of. For example, I’ve pulled 13,344 daily unique visitors this week and I have 26,118 for the month so far. That’s a bit skewed because of a big link that I received, but it’s not bad.

So if there are any webmasters reading the page who want to get their site linked on RWN’s front page, then send us some traffic and cross your fingers. Believe it or not, there’s currently a webpage that pulls about 100 hits a day that looks like it’s going to make the list this week. If they can do it, anybody can.

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