The 11 Most Frustrating Things About The Cut And Run Crowd

In the RWN comments section, RWN reader Cylarz put together a great post, which I have taken the liberty of editing just a bit and posting on the main page:

The opponents of the war often display several common threads which cause me some frustration:

1. Failure to understand that more than just Iraq is at stake.

2. Failure to understand that the whole bit about WMD’s, whether Bush lied, blah blah, is old news and that “where we go from here” is the only question worth asking.

3. Failure to understand that our troops may be bringing freedom to Iraqis, but in reality they’re fighting for the security of the US, not Iraq.

4. Failure to grasp that the problem with the War on Terror is not that it’s too aggressive and ruthless, but rather that it has not been aggressive and ruthless enough.

5. Failure to understand that the war in Iraq WILL continue, with or without American involvement. If we leave, Saudi Arabia and Egypt will supply weapons to the Sunnis while Iran supplies them to the Shiites. Turkey is likely to invade the Kurdish north, as well.

6. Obsession with comparisons of the Vietnam War and its aftermath, and the resulting attempts to force a square peg into a round hole.

7. Failure to offer any workable solutions – other than abandoning the effort entirely.

8. Failure to recognize that our enemies and their state sponsors are not interested in helping us build a democratic Iraq and that they do not share our political goals.

9. Obsession with “talking” with people who want us dead.

10. Refusal to recognize that some people in this world are just plain rotten, that the fact is we’re all naturally evil, not naturally good.

11. Willingness to call the US genocidal, racist, and cruel, without ever applying those labels to our enemies where they belong.

I will admit that some of the left-leaning posters….appear to be attempting an honest discussion on the issue. They are hobbled less by wickedness, and more by simple naive thinking. Remember, these are the same people that believed Neville Chamberlain and his announcement of “peace in our time” back in 1938. Right before the world exploded into a war that killed millions. I doubt we will ever get through to them….

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