The 15 Most Commented Upon Posts Of 2003

The 15 Most Commented Upon Posts Of 2003: I thought you might be interested in seeing the 15 posts that have drawn the most comments so far in 2003. Here they are with the number of comments made in ()…

(43) Feeling A Little Hot, Cold, Or Just Right ? Then It’s Probably Global Warming

(45) Our Tax System — The Flatter The Better

(47) Political Rhetoric Or Insanity?

(49) Q: Why Did The Frenchman Try To Cross The Road? A: Just To Get In The Way Of Traffic

(51) Anti-Americanism Is Nothing New

(51) British Bizarro World

(51) Country Music Suggestions Needed

(54) Does The Left Really Believe In The UN?

(61) The Pro-Saddam Rallies

(61) The State Of The Union Speech

(61) Can We Call You Unpatriotic Now That You’re Rooting For Your Own Country To Lose A War?

(66) Wife Beating — Saudi Style

(76) Human Shields Aren’t Going To Stop Anything

(88) The Democratic Underground Post Of The Day

(103) Mumia Abu-Jamal’s Story

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