The 20 Most Viewed Columns On Conservative Grapevine For 2007

Here are the top 20 most viewed articles on Conservative Grapevine for 2007 that were written by columnists.

20) Tase Him Bro! (Ann Coulter)

19) Who the liberals really are (Monica Crowley)

18) Seven Things To Know About the Clintons (Emmett Tyrrell)

17) Insulting blacks (Great column) (Walter Williams)

16) Did I miss the ‘Hip’ part? (Ann Coulter)

15) Three Questions for Al Gore and The Live Earth Hystericals. (Frank Pastore)

14) Why not bomb Mecca? (Michael Medved)

13) The ‘bumper sticker’ that blows up (Ann Coulter)

12) Michael Moore loses bet (Sarah Berk)

11) You’re in a Bad Neighborhood and 10 Men Approach You… (Dennis Prager)

10) Time to admit the ‘gun nuts’ are right. (Keith C. Burris)

9) Reno 911 (Ann Coulter)

8) Nappy-headed hoax. (Ann Coulter)

7) That was no lady — That was my husband. (Ann Coulter)

6) Six inconvenient truths about the U.S. and slavery (Michael Medved)

5) Unbearably trampy back-to-school clothes. (Emily Yoffe)

4) If at first you don’t succeed, lie, lie again. (Ann Coulter)

3) 1 Down, 11,999,999 to Go (Ann Coulter)

2) Has global warming stopped? Why yes, it has. (David Whitehouse)

1) I’m Embarrassed to be White (Mike Adams)

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