The Abortion Lie By Mark Noonan

From Silent No More:

I was 18 and a freshman at college when I got the test results. The nurse told me it was positive. Without any hesitation, I told her I wanted to schedule an abortion. She didn’t even blink an eye. There was nothing – no counseling, no cautions, nor any medical information given me about my baby, myself or the possible consequences. Just ‘see you Friday at 8.’…

… I couldn’t focus. Sometimes I couldn’t bear the thought of sitting anymore in class, especially the 3 hour studio classes, so I wouldn’t go back after break. My grades suffered. I had always been an A student, but not anymore. One teacher gave me a D, even though my work did not merit that. I begged my mother to let me quit school. She said no.

I suffered for 8 years before a friend gave me a book on anxiety; between that and becoming a Christian I thought my problems should be solved. But it wasn’t until a pastor gave a sermon on abortion on Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, 2001, that I faced the truth. I had killed my own child, and the world had told me I wasn’t supposed to grieve. What a lie! So all my grief, despair and anguish manifested itself in anxiety and depression, because “I wasn’t supposed to grieve… abortion was legal, and that made it – ok.”

Abortion is the biggest lie that has been passed down to this country. It is the worst holocaust of our time.

There are two victims in each abortion – the child, and the mother. So many children are dead and so many mothers crushed in spirit because they bought the “choice” argument; the absurd idea that the act of being able to choose is important rather than what is chosen. Never has anything been at the same time so wicked and so stupid as “pro choice” – it is a phrase which sounds like it is a good thing, but which masks a moral depravity never plumbed before in human history while also being a phrase so idiotic that were a con man to try it on us, we’d laugh at him. If a person doesn’t choose the right thing, then it would be better if they made no choice at all….

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