The Ad I Wouldn’t Run: Cindy McCain — Drug Dealer

Since I am a capitalist who generally has no problem with letting liberals waste their money on ads at RWN, I generally approve just about every ad that comes down the pike.

However, there have been several exceptions over the years. For example, a few weeks back I declined a t-shirt ad that pictured Barack Obama as a monkey. That was just over the line in my book.

Well, I have now declined a 2nd ad this year.

It featured a pothead group running this ad,

Now, I could have simply done the same thing in this case that I did with the United Nations: I took the ad and then I mercilessly mocked the UN on RWN.

However, I thought it was way over-the-top to put the wife of a presidential candidate on a Wanted Poster. Moreover, their message, which is that alcohol is bad for you while marijuana is harmless is complete and utter bullsh*t.

Sure, there are plenty of people who have smoked marijuana, had a good time, and never suffered any ill effects from it. There are also plenty of people who got high and wrecked their cars, got addicted to pot, started on pot and later moved on to harder drugs, or simply wasted a large part of their life sitting around high, watching TV, and eating Cheetos.

Granted, there are lots of people who have screwed their lives up because of alcohol, too, but the idea that we should make another potentially life destroying drug legal just because we already have one that’s legal and too societally entrenched to get rid of is nuts — and it’s not something I am going to contribute to, even if I’m paid to do so.

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