The American People Are On Israel’s Side In This Fight

From Rasmussen Reports:

A week into the renewed violence between Israel and Lebanon triggered by the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers, 56% of Americans say that Lebanon-based terrorist group Hezbollah is to blame for the conflict. Just 18% place the blame on the government of Lebanon and 12% say Israel.”

When the American people think Israel is not the party to blame for the fighting by a more than 6 to 1 margin and they are killing terrorists with American blood on their hands, it’s not exactly a tough political call for an American politician to support Israel right now.

Let’s hope Bush sees that, keeps Condi out of there, and gives the Israelis a green light to do whatever they need to do, for as long as they need to do it. The more damage they do to Hezbollah, Hamas, and their backers in Syria and Iran, the better.

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