The Anti-Socialized Medicine Blog Post Contest: The Winner For The Week 2 Contest

As RWN’s regular readers already know, RWN, in concert with the David All Group, is running four different week long contests that hand out $50 to the best anti-socialized medicine posts in the blogosphere. This week’s winner is Paul Hsieh from We Stand Firm for his post “UK Doctors Withholding Treatment Information From Patients.” He’ll receive $50 for that post.

Make sure to check out the winning post along with these posts as well,

The Runner-Up.

Pay Doctors, Don’t Enslave Them By MS Think.

Also see,

Alex Newman: Examining Health Care

David Catron: McCainCare vs. ObamaCare

John Stossel: Sick in America, Part 5

A new contest begins today and runs through Sunday. Here’s the info on this week’s contest.

What will happen is that bloggers will write posts about socialized medicine. They can write them specifically for the contest or just because that’s what they happen to want to write about today, but once they write the post, they’ll send me an email letting me know that they want it entered in the contest (Yes, I do have to get an email. Sorry, but these are the rules I am working under).

Then, at the end of the week, I will select the best articles from that week on socialized medicine, will rank them, and then will link the top posts on RWN. Furthermore, all the bloggers that rank will have the satisfaction of getting their work recognized and will get traffic from RWN — but first place will also receive $50.

The third contest begins today and the winners will be announced on Mon, Sept 15th. So, write those posts about socialized medicine, email me the links, and then make sure to tune in next Monday and link the winners.

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