The Anti-War Crowd Shows Their True Colors

The Anti-War Crowd Shows Their True Colors

There was another anti-war rally this week-end up in DC and as per usual the ideological heirs of Joseph Stalin at International A.N.S.W.E.R. had a hand in organizing it. They were calling for our troops to be brought home now which of course would only embolden the terrorists and lead to chaos, murder, and slaughter for the people of Iraq. But let’s not kid ourselves, this is more about hating America and Bush than actually helping Iraqis or preventing terrorism anyway.

They say pictures are worth a thousand words, so I want you to take a look at a few images from the DC rally. First off, here’s a young man who would undoubtedly be terribly upset if you were to question his patriotism…

This image comes from Indymedia

Nothing like burning the American flag to get a rally like this started off right huh? Especially when you’re using your First Amendment rights to stand in the capital of the United of America and call for an end to our country…

This image comes from Belligerent Bunny Blog

But I don’t want to give you the wrong idea. There were protestors rooting not just for the destruction of America, but for the destruction of Israel as well…

This image comes from Little Green Footballs

Wow, people calling for the deaths of millions of Americans and Israelis at a rally run by Communists — who’d of thunk it? But not everyone is thinking so big. These guys are just hoping to see some officers fragged in a big Iraqi mutiny…

This image comes from Indymedia

Boy, the support for our troops and for our country shown in that banner is just heartwarming isn’t it?

And do you want to know what really puts the cherry on top of the whole thing? Democratic presidential candidate Al Sharpton, the man who Newsweek puts in 4th place ahead of John Kerry and Dick Gephardt right now, actually spoke at this dog and pony show. When you have contenders for the Presidency showing up at an event like this, what does that say about today’s Democratic party?

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