The Best Of RWN Humor Posts For 2004

Overheard Inside A Fallujah Bunker
Greek Security Team Fails To Notice Giant Horse
Blue State Blues As Coastal Parents Battle Invasion Of Dollywood Values
Hot New Sixty Minutes Exclusive: The Memo George Bush Doesn’t Want You To See!
The Top 9 Signs The Democrats Have Gone Completely Crazy In Reaction To The Polls
If Planned Parenthood Wrote The Next Harry Potter Book…
Sam Kinison: The Original South Park Republican
The Top 10 Reasons To Vote For John Kerry
Americans Don’t Like Soccer Because It’s So Boring It Sucks Your Will To Live
Majority Of Kerry Voters Believe He Is Not Bush
Mainstream Media Magazine
If The Media Treated Basketball Games Like They Treat The War On Terror
Timid Townfolk Sweep Sheriff Election
30 Fun Facts About Canada
Hillary Clinton’s Crash Site Photos. Caution-Gory Footage
The Top 10 Things I’ve Learned From Watching My Dog
The Difference Between Liberals, Conservatives, And Southerners
Why I Am A Democrat

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