The Best Quotes From Ann Coulter’s Columns Oct 23, 2002 — Oct 23, 2003

Too much Ann Coulter is never enough! That’s why I’ve compiled the best quotes from Ann’s columns over the last year. Read and enjoy! (Cont)

***Update #1***: By the way, I found this quote from Ann to be particularly interesting…

“(John) Kerry claims he is still foursquare behind disarming Saddam Hussein, but not “until we have exhausted the remedies available, built legitimacy and earned the consent of the American people, absent, of course, an imminent threat requiring urgent action.” As George Bush pointed out in his State of the Union address, dictators are not in the habit of “politely putting us on notice before they strike.” By the time a threat is “imminent,” Chicago will be gone.” — Ann Coulter on Jan 29, 2003

So back in Jan, before the war, Ann Coulter felt compelled to defend Bush for invading Iraq even though Bush WASN’T claiming the threat was imminent. Fast forward to today and we have people on the left trying to claim that Bush lied to the American people by telling us that the threat WAS imminent back then. This is just such a great example of how a lot of lefties are dishonest enough to try to completely rewrite history if that’s what it takes to attack their political enemies.

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