The British Hostages

I was on my “working vacation” when the Iranians captured those Brits in Iraqi waters, so I haven’t been able to chime in on it yet.

Let me just say that the Brits are our allies, they’re in Iraq supporting us, and the Iranians have committed nothing less than an act of war against them.

That means we should back the Brits all the way in getting their men back. If it means sanctions, Special Forces missions, a blockade, bombing Iran, you name it, we should support them to the hilt.

The only thing we should not do is give the Iranians anything to get the hostages released, whether it’s money, promises, or their agents captured in Iran. If they benefit from this, they’ll keep doing it.

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Also, we should make it very clear to Iran that if this sort of thing happens with American soldiers in Iraqi territory or elsewhere around the world, our response will be swift and extraordinarily violent.

Last but not least, since there are British lives on the line, they should be in the lead on this. It should be their decision whether we blockade, bomb, use Special Forces, etc. Hopefully, this will be resolved peacefully. But, if it’s not, we should support the Brits all the way.

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