The Cali Fires? Bush Did It!

As we all know, there are people on the left who blame Bush for EVERYTHING! They think he rigged the 2000 & 2002 elections, killed Paul Wellstone, was behind 9/11, invaded Iraq AND Afghanistan for oil, secretly takes orders from Ariel Sharon, etc, etc, etc. You name it and they think Bush is somehow tied into it. Well, now someone from the “Tetrahedron Publishing Group” — whatever the heck may be– is even claiming that Bush is behind the wildfires in California. This editorial has to be seen to be believed…

“It is no secret the news media is heavily controlled by a cryptocracy of propagandists. During his testimony to Congress, Past CIA director James Woolsey referred to industrial espionage, if not socio-economic and political sabotage, as The Agency’s chief functions. Who’s making money from the LA fires?

The news media; The banks that will urgently sell reconstruction loans; The insurance companies that always pass new risks and losses onto consumers;

The health care and drug industries that profit from the tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of people sickened by the smoke and falling debris. Curiously, these vast industries: the news media, the banks, the insurance companies, modern medicine, and even the CIA are heavily controlled by the same global industrialists….

…My friend from LA spoke with me weeks ago about the Bush political-financial empire needing a lift from the failing war in Iraq and current grand jury investigation into the administration’s foreknowledge of the 9-11 attacks—a distraction, a public diversion; always a disaster. The President’s polls, confidence ratings, if you’ve noticed, have been seriously slipping. “They need another disaster to boost Mr. Bush’s election year popularity. You know, ‘Wag the dog,’” my enlightened friend prophesied in September….

…The “next terrorist attack,” I believe, is currently underway, under the cover of the LA flames. Above the clouds of smog, soot and smoke are CIA-owned helicopters likely spraying, besides water, chemicals if not biological weapons….

During the weeks ahead, Southern Californians will be massively intoxicated. Nature and excess population—“urban sprawl”—will be blamed for the unprecedented devastation and serious toll on the public’s health. It is not unreasonable to predict an alleged “terrorist attack,” or full outbreak,” will take advantage of the ensuing chaos, and give the administration further fuel to run their deadly deceptions.”

Got that? Bush had the wildfires started to boost his popularity and so that he could have the people of California sprayed with biological agents. That’s a brilliant strategy isn’t it? In fact, it’s so brilliant that I’m surprised that no one thought of it in the last Symposium On The 2004 Election that RWN held. I can imagine it now….

John Hawkins: So, Bush’s popularity could be a bit higher. What does he need to do to boost his stock with our Jewish overlords…ehr..I mean the American people?

Daniel Drezner: Hey, I’ve got a great idea! He should have a bunch of fires started in California and then he can spray everybody with biological weapons!

Mike Hendrix: Biological weapons? Come on…he should use nuclear weapons!

Bryan Preston: I don’t know, nuking Hollywood might help Bush’s ratings in the South, but does it help him in key swing states like Florida and Ohio?

John Hawkins: You guys are thinking way too small! First off, you nuke the liberal parts of California and then you declare war on the state. We should be able to win pretty quick, but we can claim things are too unsettled to let the Californians vote in the 2004 Presidential election. Without California’s 55 electoral votes, the Democrats have no chance of winning!

Steve Martinovich: Like we’re not going to rig the election and put all the liberals into camps by then anyway!

All: Bwahahhahahahahaahah!!!!!!!!

Yeah, I’m just trying to be funny, but the reality is that there are more than a few people on the left who believe conversations about like that actually go on in the Bush White House. I know it’s funny to laugh at these crackpots, but it’s a little bit scary too.

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