The Canadians Shall Feel The Wrath Of The Zionist/VRWC Alliance!

The Canadians Shall Feel The Wrath Of The Zionist/VRWC Alliance!: I have an Israeli friend that I chat with on ICQ. I thought you might find part of our conversation from last night entertaining — especially if you live in “New Israel” — ehr Canada. I did edit this a bit and he wanted to remain anonymous, but otherwise you’re seeing it as it was said…

John Hawkins: Trust me man, I think you Israelis are soft — the whole area would be nothing but parking lots and puppet dictators if we lived there.

Anon Israeli: Well, you’re warmly invited. Wanna swap? 🙂

John Hawkins: Hell, we could just give you guys some land out in North Dakota or Montana — we got plenty of room.

Anon Israeli: Not really sure where it is, but I wouldn’t object leaving this horrible area, and move next to the US, or even be part of it! 🙂

John Hawkins: There’s only what — 6 million on you? That’s nothing dewd — we got lots of room =)

Anon Israeli: You have room for another star on your flag? 🙂

John Hawkins: Another star? We can incorporate you — or we could take part of Mexico or Canada’s land if you need your own country — they don’t have militaries per se anyway =)

Anon Israeli: Excellent, it’s settled then. When is it convenient for you to do that? Oh, and we better notify Bush and Sharon at some stage, so they won’t be surprised.

John Hawkins: Well let’s not get ahead of ourselves — do you want part of Mexico? The desert might be more like “old Israel” or do you want part of Canada? Canadians have funnier accents, “Eh, what ya doing taking part of our country, eh? We might have to file a complaint with the UN, eh!”

Anon Israeli: Hehe, Canada sounds better. Israel has the most diverse climate, from deset in the south to snow in the north, even though we’re so small.

John Hawkins: Yah and Israel is like the one spot in the whole region with no oil. If you guys had picked Saudi Arabia as your homeland you’d be on the UN Security Council right now…

Before anyone gets upset — we were just kidding, don’t take it seriously — it’s going to be at least 2 to 3 years before we have time to invade Canada and moving all those Holy sites over here isn’t going to be easy either….

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