The Case Against John Kerry

If you’re talking about John Kerry’s record, then regrettably, you must begin by discussing his time spent in Vietnam since he obsessively brags about it at every opportunity. While John Kerry certainly deserves credit for going to Vietnam and getting shot at after his deferment was turned down, he has also been caught in a number of rather significant lies about his service.

For example, although John Kerry has told numerous stories about his “Christmas in Cambodia” over the years and said the memory was “seared in me”, his own campaign now admits that wasn’t the truth. Furthermore, another frequently told story, about how John Kerry’s boat turned into an ambush to save a man in the water while all the other “swift boats (were) evacuating from the area” has been revealed to be untrue as well. In fact, as the Kerry campaign now admits, all the other boats stayed while John Kerry’s boat temporarily left the area. (Cont)

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