The Catholic Church Is Complaining

The Catholic Church Is Complaining About Bad Press?: According to a Vatican-sanctioned journal the Catholic Church is being victimized by anti-Catholic bias. Read about how they describe the media coverage of the Catholic Church’s child molestation scandal…

For many newspapers and television stations, maybe it seemed too good to be true to be able to slap the monster of the day on the front page, and this time, it was the turn of the Catholic clergy,” it says.

The article claims the American media coverage of the sex scandals had been influenced by what it calls an “anti-Catholic and, therefore, anti-Roman and anti-papist” spirit.

It says the media applied “apparent fair play” in its coverage of the scandal, but claims an underlying anti-Catholic attitude had “snaked its way through America recently.

Now I enjoy planting kicks in the collective bread baskets of the mainstream media as much as anyone but this is ridiculous. Child molestation is a repulsive crime and the majority of the US views it as about the worst thing you can do outside of cold blooded murder. But, it’s very apparent that the bigwigs in the Catholic Church look at pedophilia as a minor offense comparable to a traffic ticket rather a disgusting act of depravity. When a priest gets caught having sex with an eight year old, the first reaction of the Church shouldn’t be to cover it up and to find another parish for him to go to. When the Church engages in that sort of demented, twisted, behavior they should expect plenty of criticism not only from the press but from rank and file Catholics who’ve been some of the Vatican’s biggest critics. This issue still hasn’t been addressed to most people’s satisfaction and it’s not going away anytime soon whether the Vatican likes it or not.

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