The Consequences Of The Republican Illegal Immigration Sell-Out In The Senate

Right Wing News is a mainstream, conservative blog that has exactly the sort of readership that Republicans in Washington should want on their side. These are the sort of people who contribute money to campaigns, man phone banks, put up yard signs, and make sure to show up when it’s time to vote. In short, these are the sort of voters the GOP desperately needs to show up en masse in November of this year, if we’re going to do well.

Unfortunately, because so many Republicans in the Senate have become arrogant and out-of-touch, they’ve lined up behind an outrageous bill that would not just allow illegal immigrants to stay in this country, but a bill that would hand them American citizenship as a prize for holding our laws in contempt.

Yesterday at RWN, there was a post about this bill. Here are just some of the comments RWN’s readers — who are, again, exactly the sort of conservatives whom Republicans will need most in November — made on that post:

Read it and weep…

“Basically this is the Republican party telling the American people, f*ck you, we heard you loud and clear you voted time and time again when given a chance that you want immigration reform that stops illegal immigration and doesn’t grant amnesty, we have seen the polls showing 60% don’t want a guest worker program, but guess what, we don’t care what you want, we are going to do what we want and what we want to do is capitulate to the democrats and create a new block of voters that will vote democrat. That’s a pretty brilliant way to give away your majority.” — mbranca

Thank you, Arlen Specter.

“They are giving away their majority. Howard Dean need to nothing but keep his mouth shut and watch his party walk away winners in November.” — poordrunkannie

Thank you, Mike DeWine.

“Congrats to the GOP… I’m now a single issue voter… and most of their candidates are on the wrong side of that issue and to think that I used to donate money to these clowns.” — RepublicanPig1

Thank you, Lindsey Graham.

“I plan on contacting my Republican Congresswoman and let her know that if this goes down the way Spector wants, I will sit out the November Election…” — CoolCzech

Thank you, Sam Brownback.

“…It is becoming more and more clear to me that there are negative consequences to this kind of loyalty. Republican officials take for granted that they will get votes because Republican voters don’t want to stay home, and they don’t want to indirectly support Democrats.

The thing they fail to account for is this: Eventually, for many people (and in todays atmosphere, it doesn’t take all that many to tilt the scales) it gets to the point where you see no difference between voting Republican and throwing away your vote.

I have reached this point. From here on out, I’ll vote for individual Republicans if I believe they are dedicated to representing my interests. But never again will I vote for or give money to a candidate just because the have an R next to their name. If that means I’m throwing away my vote, so be it. I’d rather vote for a loser for the right reasons than a winner for the wrong ones.” — President_Friedman

Thank you, John McCain, for saying this bill doesn’t constitute amnesty.

“This bill is now the most prominent reason for those in the Republican base to not vote this year. It’s the exact opposite of the gay marriage ban, this actually UN-motivates Those on the right. It would be understandable if it came from the Dem side, but FOR THE REPUB’S TO PUT THIS FORWARD IS SUICIDE!!! ARE THEY RETARDED?” — anon2

Thank you, George Bush, for going against the majority of your own party and the majority of Americans with your pro-illegal immigration policies.

If this bill becomes law, in November, the Democrats — if they’re polite — will be thanking these men as well — for handing them the Senate.

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