The Daily Kos: America Is Becoming Like Nazi Germany

Over at the Daily Kos, there’s an article called Nazi America by a diarist called Ultra Liberal. Here’s a sentence at the start that will give you an idea of what Ultra Liberal’s article is like without forcing you to wade through his entire, nauseating post:

“And if you, like me, will take a close look at what has been happening in America, you will see an huge similarity between modern day America and Nazi Germany.”

At the end of the post, there’s a poll called, “Is America Becoming Like Nazi Germany?” Here are the results as of 4:15 AM, EST.

So, 55% of the Kossacks responding think America is like Nazi Germany, 14% are saying “maybe” America is like Nazi Germany, and 30% are saying no, America isn’t like Nazi Germany.

On the one hand, sadly, having only 69% of the Kossacks thinking that America is like Nazi Germany or is “maybe” like Nazi Germany, seems lower that I would have expected….which is a plus.

On the other hand, somewhere between 55%-69% of the people at the most popular, mainstream liberal blog in America hate and despise this country and its citizens so much that they’re comparing it to the most evil regime in history.

Keep in mind that these are the sort of people Mark Warner is trying to appeal to by throwing a $50k party. These are the sort of people that Democratic politicians are trying to convince to pony up money for their campaigns. People with this mentality are the sort that would be welcomed in the White House and asked for advice if a Democrat were elected President.

This is what the people who make up the “netroots” really think of America and it’s not a pretty sight.

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