The Daily Kos: Arresting Terrorists Is Just A Way To “Change The Focus”

Over at the Daily Kos, there’s a recommended diary at krazypuppy, that explains that the terrorist ring down in Miami was busted — get ready for this — in order to distract people from John Kerry’s attempts to cut’n’run in Iraq. No, REALLY! He believes this and worse yet, so many Kossacks agree with him that they turned this into a recommended diary.

Just take a look

So the story of the Miami group of black militants that converted to Islam and want to blow up the Sears Tower really hits home with me.

A mission “just as good or greater than 9/11?”

They ran their group like “a military boot camp?”

“Kill all the devils we can??”

& worse of all:

They’re black and Muslim!

Perfect! I mean, errr, well, keep reading. Did I mention 9/11?

These are pretty serious charges and in a post-9/11 world, we need to take seriously militant forces who go beyond talk & threaten our security.

But this stood out to me about the story:

There is no imminent threat to Miami or any other area because of these operations,” said Richard Kolko, spokesman for FBI headquarters in Washington. He declined further comment.

Wait. Stop. There was NO imminent threat? Then why did you bust them now??


In the same week that two Democratic resolutions forced the Bush and the GOP into the defensive by focusing attention on their incompetent management of the Iraq war, can we at least not be skeptical that this isn’t an attempt by the Bush Administration to to change the focus away from Iraq?

Alberto Gonzales will be having a press conference. He’ll say how grave a threat it was and will say once again we should give Bush everything he wants to pursue the “War on Terror” – NSA domestic spying, Iraq, and OUR OBEDIENCE.

Don’t fall for it.

…Timeline of a Political Setup

Ok, now I’m going to get serious because this is the part that’s truly dangerous.

Don’t get me wrong, those kids – use your common sense – could’ve hurt somebody and needed attention, BUT they didn’t need the damn FBI.

Put them in juvenile detention & de-program them. Or hell, send them to Chicago’s Southside. Trust me – the locals would’ve straightened these “terrorists” real quick.

No, these seven were just fleas.

The real danger is the Bush Administration and Alberto Gonzales.

They are continuing to use the Justice Department as a political tool to drive their incompetent war & failed agenda.

The mind just reels. There are so many bizarre assertions in this post, that it’s hard to know where to start.

To begin with, arresting terrorists has now been reduced to some sort of political trick? Why? Because the threat wasn’t “imminent.” Does that mean that the FBI should have waited until they were driving a truck bomb towards the Sears Tower and screaming, “Jihad! Jihad! Jihad!,” out the windows to react? In the minds of Kossacks, I guess so.

And the point of this “distraction” is supposed to be to keep people from noticing that John Kerry is self-immolating in the Senate by offering a politically motivated proposal to cut and run from Iraq?

Maybe that explains the Volpac ad on the right side of RWN that has John Kerry’s face on it, with cut-n-run posted above it, and the words, “Do you accept the Democrat strategy of retreat to defeat?” posted below. It’s all part of Karl Rove’s master plan to bury the whole, ugly incident before people find out about it.

Then there’s the idea that this is all a big joke and we should just send them to, “juvenile detention & de-program them.” Ehr…they wanted to blow up the Sears Tower! Let me repeat that: they wanted to blow up the Sears Tower! Yet, they need to go to “juvenile detention” and the “real danger is the Bush Administration and Alberto Gonzales?”

Yet, despite all of these ridiculous statements, the Kossacks loved this post so much that it became a recommended diary? The warped view of the world that so many of these hard core liberals seem to have these days is almost beyond belief and we should all be grateful that liberals with this mentality aren’t running the war on terrorism.

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