The Daily Kos: How Can We Blame This On Bush?

This post from the Daily Kos really chafes me, although sadly, the attitude displayed in it is fairly typical of how most left-wingers seem to view foreign policy today.

The post is about the American soldiers killed and wounded in an attack on a dining hall in Mosul. Here’s how Kos views it: The post is called “Bush destroys another 22 families” & his comment about the tragic death of those American soldiers is “Who will be the last to die for Bush’s mistakes and his administration’s incompetence?”

There’s the left’s entire view of foreign policy in a nutshell, folks: “Who cares about fighting terrorism? Who cares about succeeding in Iraq? Who cares if we have to exploit the death of American soldiers to further our agenda? The only important thing is: How can we blame this on Bush?”

Hat tip to IMAO for the Kos link.

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