The Daily Kos Is Overwhelmingly Pro-Military Draft

In 2004, various Democrats kept suggesting a draft while the Republicans kept saying over and over again that they opposed it. Then, as the election drew closer, the Democrats used their own calls for a draft as evidence that if George Bush won, he would implement a draft — and that undoubtedly helped spike the youth vote for Kerry.

So, all you liberals who lied to the American people in 2004 — when is that draft again? Well, if the Daily Kos has their way, it’ll probably be tomorrow. Take a look at the results of a poll that’s currently on the front page of the Daily Kos,

Heck, with numbers like those, it seems safe to say that the draft is right up there with abortion on demand, losing the war in Iraq, impeaching George Bush, and raising taxes on the liberal agenda.

That might seem counterintuitive at first. How is it that the same people who can’t stand the troops and don’t want to win in Iraq are in favor of a military draft to fight the war?

Well, you have to understand WHY they want a draft. They’re for a draft in large part for the exact same reason that so many conservatives oppose a draft: because it would handcuff the military, make the troops less popular, and make it much more difficult to use the military in a crisis.

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