The Daily Kos Line On The Insurance Industry: Kill ‘Em All And Let God Sort ‘Em Out!

Over at the Daily Kos, DK diarist pinche tejano gets all hyped up to murder people in the insurance industry:

“There’s this thing, called a tidal surge, big f*cking wall of water that announces the arrival of any hurricane when it hits land. I should know, Brazoria deals with hurricanes a lot. We also distrust the Army Engineers, who are known liars.

But back to the wall of water, hate to keep repeating myself, but since you have your heads so firmly stuck up your own *sses I will say it slowly. Hurricanes cause flooding. The flooding was caused by the hurricane. Since these people had Hurricane Insurance, they are covered since the wall of water was hurricane related. Understand?

Where did you think this f*cking flooding came from? Moses spliting the damn Mississippi Delta? A system of bayous to d*mn scared to flow into the gulf because a big bad storm was out there? Or could it be the mother f*cking tidal surge of the god d*mn hurricane?

You should all be tried before the public and possibly hung for this offense. You must honor your claims, it’s not our fault you finally have to pay out. What, you think in Vegas they are simply say, ok, we know you let it all ride on red and it came up black, but you don’t have to pay out? Do you really think thats gonna happen?

And remember this, all you f*cking ceos and adjustors and apologist, remember you this one last f*cking thing. If you even think about pulling this stunt in Brazoria or Matagorda, you better bring an army.

Because filing briefs don’t stop bullets, and when the ballot box fails us, we are not above seeing what’s in the ammo box.”

Apparently, what he’s talking about — between F-bombs — is this:

“A federal judge ruled Tuesday that an insurance company’s policies do not cover damage from flood waters or storm surge in a decision that could affect hundreds of upcoming cases related to property damage from Hurricane Katrina.

U.S. District Judge L.T. Senter Jr. ruled that a Mississippi Gulf Coast couple cannot collect damages from storm surge caused by Katrina because Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co.’s policies do not cover wind-driven water damage.

Senter Jr. said Paul and Julie Leonard of Pascagoula could be compensated for damage that they could prove was caused by high winds, however.

“Almost all the damage to the Leonard residence is attributable to the incursion of water,” Senter wrote in the 13-page decision.”

In other words, if you have an insurance policy that only covers wind damage from a hurricane, they only pay for wind damage, not flood damage. That’s how insurance works out in the real world, as opposed to the, “Something bad happened to you? Then here’s money whether it’s covered or not,” policy that they seem to think applies in the, “reality based community.”

So maybe “pinche tejano” and the rest of the Kossacks should check their insurance policies out before they start going postal on the insurance companies.

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