The Daily Kos Post Of The Day: Don’t Go To Iran Obama, It’s A Trap!

When a Daily Kos diary includes this line, you know it must REALLY be goofy,

“My simple suggestion that this could be a trap, fell beyond the pale for the new moderators over at Huffpo.”

Yes, when what you’re saying is too out there for the people at the Huffington Post, that is probably an indication that it’s really “Coo Coo For Cocoa Puffs.”

Oh…and it was. From Daily Kos diarist ST2P, here’s the latest evil plan from the Bush Administration,

“McBush and company are counting the days before Obama will return to Iraq. Nothing will suit the neocon’s plans better than Obama giving them photo opportunities with the usual sales gang put forward by Psy Ops. My simple suggestion that this could be a trap, fell beyond the pale for the new moderators over at Huffpo, let’s see how it fares here.

Darth Cheney has made repeated promises to both the Saudi royals and the Israeli Likudists (in my minds ear) that America will destroy the energy capabilities of Iran, but to date, Darth has not been able to manufacture the impetus for it. My conspiracy theory is that a false flag attack on Obama, would inspire the shock and anger of the American people to give the green light for the mass bombing of Iran, perhaps including nukes.”

So McCain goads Obama into going to Iraq to see the war he wants to lose if he becomes President and then the Bush family evil empire goons wack Barry and pin the blame on Iran. Then, that asassination would be used to justify a war with Iran on behalf of the Saudi royals and Israeli Likudists.

It’s sort of a kill-two-birds-with-one-stone operation. Of course, it would also probably lead to President Hillary Rodham Clinton, but the Kossacks are so far gone at this point, they probably think she’s an honorary member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy; so that probably doesn’t trouble them.

PS: If you ever notice that having a conversation with a liberal friend is difficult, it’s because this is how their minds work. You say something like, “Well, if Obama is going to throw the whole war away for politics’ sake, he should at least go over and talk to the troops first” and they’re thinking “Oh, my God! He’s part of the plot to start a war with Iran!” It’s like trying to have a conversation with someone who thinks 2+2=’s orange.

Hat tip to Moonbattery for the story.

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