The Daily Kos Post Of The Day: McCain Is Accusing Obama Of Being The Anti-Christ

Liberals tend to live in cloud-cuckoo land, where the average conservative is an evil, Nazi-loving David Duke who’s hellbent on sticking them in a camp so that we can turn the US into a theocracy. Meanwhile, back in the real world, there’s very, very little evidence to support these assertions.

So, the way liberals get around this is by claiming conservatives are speaking in code. No matter how clearly conservatives say what we mean and no matter how obvious our motives are, liberals can always manage to come up with some bizarro world narrative to explain what conservatives REALLY mean.

For example, the latest McCain ad, “The One,” takes a powerful and effective shot at Obama’s incredible arrogance, the cult-like nature of his campaign, and whether he’s qualified to be President.

Absurdly, David Gergen said that the ad was accusing Obama of being “uppity,” but believe it or not, the netroots came up with an even wackier interpretation.

According to some liberals, McCain is actually accusing Obama of being the anti-Christ. No…seriously, that’s what they’re saying.

First off, here’s Daily Kos Diarist SoonerG

…The McCain campaign may be creating a belief that Obama is a false messiah, perhaps the anti-Christ himself.

…Is there a real danger that right-wing voters will make the correlation that McCain seems to be implying, that Obama is a messianic leader? That he is a false messiah? That Barack Hussein Obama is actually the anti-Christ?

While he is accusing Obama of using the race card, is he sneaking the ultimate fear card through the back door? How far of a stretch is it for fundamentalist Americans to truly believe that a black liberal with a Muslim name could be the spawn of Satan himself?

Having read the initial book in (the Left Behind) series myself and living in the heart of the bible belt, I know the unfortunate truth. Many ultra right wingers have already been preying upon this fear. Now, with this new attack, McCain seems to be attempting to feed that monster.

I gotta tell you: J.K. Rowling has got nothing on these libs in the creativity department. Sure, she came up with Harry Potter, Muggles, and Quidditch — but that doesn’t compare to the sort of imagination it takes to accuse McCain of painting Hopey McChange as the anti-Christ.

But wait…there’s more. actually matches the Daily Kos on their nutty anti-Christ claim and then ups the ante,

Perhaps to most viewers this (ad) will seem like the political equivalent of scoring against yourself as much of it is about how wonderful Obama is, and the attack part involves a clumsy use of Charlton Heston. But there may be a (very evil) method to the madness: SoonerG at Daily Kos suggests that the point of the latest McCain ads is to depict Obama as the anti-Christ. Don’t laugh. The first thing I thought of when I saw the ad was that it was a dog-whistle call-out to evangelicals who would be offended by Obama’s suggestion that “a light will shine down upon you” and inspire people to vote for him. But it could well be that other people will see it as a more direct appeal (consider, a Google search for “obama anti-Christ” finds “about 990,000” pages).

In light of last week’s attack on a Unitarian church for being too “liberal,” is it so far-fetched to worry that some unhinged true believer may hear all this and decide he has a call to assassinate the anti-Christ? It’s perhaps fortunate that, as one Christian pastor put it to me via email, “the people who believe in the anti-Christ tend to believe that he/she is too powerful for one person to take out with a .30-.06.”

Nevertheless, McCain is playing with nuclear weapons here. It’s despicable.

Yes, so not only is McCain accusing Obama of being the anti-Christ, he’s apparently doing it in hopes of getting B.O. assassinated. See? There’s so much you can learn when you can read the conservative code.

PS: Just as a side note, says, “‘obama anti-Christ’ finds ‘about 990,000’ pages.” Well, “McCain anti-Christ” pulls up 619,000 pages, so it’s not as if this association is unique to Bambi.

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