The Daily Kos Post Of The Day: The Fraud At The Heart Of Liberalism

This recommended diary from the Daily Kos isn’t the usual “I am happy this Republican died and is burning in hell” or “I can’t wait for the revolution so I can murder Republicans” post from Kos, but yet and still, it was such a brilliant window into the liberal mindset that I had to excerpt from it.

You Americans Aren’t Selfish Enough by LithiumCola

You pay all these taxes but you don’t want anything in return for it. You don’t want free health care. You don’t want time off of work. You don’t want anything. You’re not selfish enough.

You get mad when someone is taking welfare and sitting on their *ss. What have you got against sitting on your *ss? The whole point behind having a government and paying taxes is to have more time to sit on your *ss. That’s what technology is for. You Americans work longer than anyone, pay all these taxes, make all these robots, and then not only don’t you sit on your *ss, but you get mad when anyone else does. You’re f*cking crazy.

…Growing up means understanding self-regard. And you got none. You think anything for you must be bad. You’re like a kid whose hand has been slapped above the cookie jar. Thing is, you made the cookies, idiot. This is your country, your government, and your taxes . . . you get to say what is done with it. And here’s a clue: you want to sit on your *ss more. You want free health care.

Here’s the whole post shortened to a sentence: “It’s ok for everyone to be lazy and leech off of your fellow citizens.”

Of course, the big problem with this is that it relies on the same misunderstanding of human nature that the Communists have — which isn’t surprising since most liberals are Commies at heart (Why do you think so many of them wear those Che Guevara shirts?). The problem is…drumroll please, because this will be shocking to liberals — people are not going to strive to achieve, create new jobs, and generally move the country forward if they’re getting nothing out of it.

Now, at this point, the average liberal is scratching his head going, “Move the country forward? That post was about being lazy!” Right. But, who’s going to pay the bills while everyone else is acting like leeches?

The reality is that today, the average American citizen is not paying more in taxes than he is receiving in services. We make that up by looting the rich and running a deficit. But, guess what? We can’t run a deficit forever and the rich are not going to keep working like little hamsters on wheels, accumulating more tax dollars for the rest of us to use, as the government takes an ever larger slice of their income.

Eventually, at some point, the corporations will go, “Given the profits we pay after taxes, it’s not worth it for us to continue doing this,” and they’ll drop part of their business or close up shop. Eventually, at some point, the rich people will go, “Given the amount of taxes I’m paying on what I’m earning, it’s not worth it for me to keep working. I might as well just lay back, be lazy like everyone else, and enjoy what I’ve already earned.”

The reality is that this country can’t afford to pay for the government services it’s handing out now. So, the whole idea that we can receive even more while most of the country kicks back in a hammock and lets someone else do all the work is a fraud — and it’s a fraud at the heart of liberalism.

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