The Daily Kos Reaction To American Soldiers Getting Tortured To Death: “How Quaint.”

The left-wing reaction to American soldiers being tortured and murdered? Boiled down to its essence, it’s, “We deserved it and it’s all Bush’s fault.”

Read it yourself. From a recommended diary at the Daily Kos called So our boys were tortured – how quaint, by occams hatchet:

“The bodies of the two captured U.S. soldiers were found in Iraq – bearing signs of “barbaric torture.”

How quaint.

I hope Alberto Gonzales and John Yoo will sleep well tonight, with visions of those boys’ bodies and the horrible barbarities inflicted upon them dancing in their heads. Perhaps Gonzales, and Yoo, and Rumsfeld and Bush will be able to envision the same inhumanities being visited upon their family members and loved ones as they drift off to peaceful slumber.

This cannot stand. We cannot allow this administration and its incomprehensible defense of and support for torture in violation of the “quaint” Geneva Conventions to remain.

The chickens have come home to roost. As ye sow, so shall ye reap.”

Blame America first. Blame Bush for the actions of the terrorists. Call for the Geneva Convention to be applied to people who haven’t signed on to it and to whom it wouldn’t apply to anyway, since they’re combatants who don’t wear uniforms or follow the rules of war.

Another typical lib in a wartime situation — hopelessly lost, confused, and unable to figure out whether he should support America or the people who want to kill him.

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