The Daily Kos Recommended Diary Of The Day: By Opposing Impeachment, You Are Committing Treason

They’re really working themselves up into a lather about impeachment over at the Daily Kos. In fact, they’re getting so hyped up that they want to treat people who oppose impeachment as seditious criminals.

I. Kid. You. Not.

Just check out this excerpt from a Daily Kos recommended diary called, “The Sins of the Fathers: Fascism, A Coup and Thou — History, Repeated and Improved,” by GreyHawk.

“Now is the time for us, as a nation, to stand together and face the criminals inhabiting and infesting our government. It’s time for Congress to impeach, convict and remove all elements of this dangerous infection, preventing them from ever holding office again.

And anyone — Liebercrat or Republican — who stands to oppose impeachment, conviction and removal should be tried for their role as accomplice in the sedition and treason against the United States. No more should they be permitted to hide behind snivelling protocols and talk out both sides of their mouths — either they are with the nation, or they are part of the criminal conspiracy currently thwarting the will of both Congress and the People.”

That’s right, folks. By the very act of opposing the impeachment of George Bush and Dick Cheney, you are part of a criminal conspiracy to commit treason against the United States of Kos and should presumably be hung by the neck until dead.

So says the most popular and mainstream liberal blog on the planet.

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