The Death Of Conservative Grapevine

I am sorry to inform you that I’ve decided to pull the plug on Conservative Grapevine.

I enjoyed running the page, but the traffic has stayed flat in the 1200-1500 daily uniques range and shows no signs of increasing. Furthermore, it has taken longer than I expected to update the page daily while generating less than anticipated income. This month for example, I figure that I made a little less than a dollar per hour that I put into CG.

That’s not to say that CG was doing badly. It took RWN more than a year to crack a 1000 readers. CG was running ahead of that mark from the get go and has stayed above it during the 4 month life of the page.

Still, there are only so many hours in a day and I had to decide whether my time was better spent working on CG or on Right Wing News & my long neglected book. When I looked at it in that light, I decided that CG had to be terminated.

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Since CG will no longer be updated, you can expect to see more links to bloggers in the daily news section at RWN, although of course, there won’t be as many as there were at CG. To those of you who enjoyed CG, sorry, hate to break the bad news to you. But sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do…

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