The Democratic Party’s Cycle Of Failure

“Democratic Party pollster Stan Greenberg said Wednesday that “one of the biggest doubts about Democrats is that they don’t stand for anything.” — Newsmax

The Democratic Party’s liberal base wants them to take unpopular positions that will alienate much of the rest of the country. So faced with a choice between angering their base and turning off the moderates they need to win, the Democrats have chosen to obscure what they believe in hopes of not offending anyone. But, many of the moderates have caught on to the game and are getting down on the Democratic Party because they refuse to take a stand on so many issues.

This is the feedback loop the Democratic Party is stuck in and the only true way to get out of it long-term is to disappoint either the base or the people in the middle the Dems need to win. Logically when you’re in that situation, you have to stick it to your base and hope that they’re loyal enough to stand by you even though they’re unhappy with you.

But, in the case of the Democratic Party, the liberal ideologues have such a lock on the levers of power and influence in the Party, that thus far, the politically savvy crowd — like the people who run the DLC — have been unable to put them in check.

Until the Democratic Party gets their liberal base under control, they may make gains in certain elections, but they’re doomed to continue a long-term slide into political oblivion.

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