The Democratic Underground Freaks Out Over Arnold’s Win

One of the things I’ve picked up on over time is that people on the left tend to get even more wacky than normal after they get hit with what they believe is a big loss. And yes, having Arnold “terminate” Gray Davis qualifies as a, “big loss”. Just to show you what I mean, here are the titles from a few threads on the Democratic Underground along with a quote from each one…

It’s official…American’s officially most stupid people on Earth…

Nazgul35: “After decades of crappy public education, the American public has become so inept at practicing democracy that they have gone two in a row in electing vapid wastes of human skin to high offices in this country. And make no mistake, Bush will do everything in his power to ensure that Arnold succeeds…thus putting the gem of the Democratic Party into play…

Part one of two has come true for me….if Bush wins re-election in 2004, i’m gonna take Ann Raynd’s advice and leave this f*cking pitiful excuse for a country and move to a more enlightened country…where the people are not as dumb as wood…

Having to teach the yuppie larvea in a big ten college, I can tell you for a fact, that 98% of them are unable to grasp basic cognitive skills, this drive to nickle and dime our public schools has resulted in a people who don’t even understand how their government works…the most basic question I get is what’s going to be on the test…we have raised a generation of test takers….

get out now…don’t allow a people who have become so complacent, so fat, so lazy to live off your skills and tax money….let’s initiate the brain drain on the US!!!

edited for grammer and spelling…my excuse is stress…what’s yours America!!! >:>”

It is painfully clear democracy is DEAD in America

screaming_meme: “Hate to say it, but it’s true. And this is just the beginning.

The Diebold machines and punchcards lent an easy victory to the billionaire in Enron’s pocket. Who knows what his share of the spoils will be but we all know that the only thing that Arnold worships (beside his ego and Hitler) is cold, hard cash.

People of California, WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU? You were our shining hope of being a model of liberal tolerance, open-mindedness, environmentalism and socio-economic justice. Now you’re throwing it away to elect a groping satyr with a bad accent as your leader. I weep for our future.”

Looking for the silver lining in a Nazi / Rapist / Racist victory….

Starpass: “Honey, everything that you just posted will totally go over the heads of Cal-a-forn-ee-uns and Amurekans. They will assume that everything will be peachy keen and one year from now will be totally convinced that Arnulllld terminated the problem. I am now living to see this pathetic nation die…it’s the only sport left.”

The New American Revolution Starts Now

Resistance Is Futile “A war of real information and real issues alone is doomed to fail. The Texas Fascist Party carries elections by drawing the hordes of stupid white men who are itching to ‘get even’ for decades of imagined slights. Arguing issues with these people is pointless.

These people are not interested in issues, social justice, or even the fact that the US government will go bankrupt in a decade. All they want is to get back at welfare mothers, blacks, Arabs, immigrants, liberals, feminists, and intellectuals for shrinking their paychecks and threatening their masculinity. They are a nation of psychopaths created and sustained by right-wing hatred and are utterly beyond the limits of reason.

The way to approach this vital segment of the electorate is not with issues but rather with propaganda. Speak to their hatred and direct it not towards the goals of the Texas Fascist Party but rather against them. Make them hate not liberals for raising taxes but rather offshoring that deprives them of their jobs. Make them hate big government which takes from hard working people such as themselves and gives it to the rich. Chanelling hatred, not addressing issues, is the challenge for resistance propagandists.”

Will you finally admit there was a coup d’état in the United States?

Zhade: “I’ve been saying it for a couple of years now – we will see another civil war, possibly followed by a revolution if the true criminality of the neocabal is laid bare and their followers turn.

All I can say is: get your supplies ready, and keep your eyes sharp. It’s going to be brutal.”

Tin Foil Thoughts: Do they know who is gonna win before the election?

Kentuck: “I’m listening to Chris Matthews, Tom Brokaw and others talking as if they already know who the winner is and the polls aren’t even closed yet?? I’m getting very uncomfortable conspiratorial feelings that it is all a fix. Why even vote at all? They know who they want to win ahead of time and play all of us citizens like fools. Until we get paper ballots with honest people to count them, I do not think I can ever trust our political system. The propaganda system is just too obvious. Sorry. I am not happy with the way our elections are held. After all, it doesn’t matter how many people vote – all that matters is who counts the votes”

Keep in mind that all of this weirdness and angst is over a loss by the most incompetent governor in America to a left-leaning actor running as a Republican. Amazing…

***Update #1***: Here’s part of what popular lefty Hesiod has to say about the recall over at Counterspin,

“POSTSCRIPT: Incidentally, I’ve learned my lesson. Never underestimate the stupidity of the American voter. Just when you think they can’t be bigger f*cking idiots, they prove you wrong. That’s not meant to be cynical. It’s just a recognition of reality. 80% of the folks who voted for Arnold were f*cking idiots. And, that amounts to around 3 million people in the State of California alone.

Sometimes smart people assume that everyone else is as smart, informed and observant as they are. Thus, they get mystified by the behavior of the general public. Well…this election should disabuse you of that failing.

Even the Republicans who voted for Arnold know he’s a clusterf*ck waiting to happen. They just did so for strategic advantage.

So…let this be a lesson to you. Stupid sells. Hence the miraculous relative popularity of Dubyah, despite all of his adminstration’s screw ups and deliberate screw jobs. By rights Bush should have favorability and approval ratings that make Gray Davis look like Mr, Popularity. Yet…he doesn’t.

So, we have to keep hammering him…every day. Until the message finally pentrates the thick skulls of all the dumbf*cks out there in voterland.

Sorry to be harsh…but that’s the only way.”

I love it when people on the left get emotional & let what they really think about the American people slip out.

***Update #2***: Whoops! It was actually Hesiod, not Atrios as I originally said, who made the comment above. I have absolutely no explanation for why I posted the wrong name.

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