The Democratic Underground Joke Of The Day???

Rarely do I laud the Democratic Underground for anything, but this poll from the DU is actually funny,

Q) How Many On-Line Progessives Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb?

* Why should we? It’s all Hillary’s Fault! (3 votes, 7%)

* None. Lightbulbs are made by corporations. (4 votes, 9%)

* Noam Chomsky has never written on this subject, therefore it doesn’t exist. (0 votes, 0%)

* One to change it and 3 to talk about how much better it was in the 60s. (1 votes, 2%)

* One to screw it in, one to watch, and 3 to blame the DLC for it going out in the first place. (3 votes, 7%)

* None. They don’t make cloth diapers small enough. (1 votes, 2%)

* We don’t fix problems, we just like to point them out. (16 votes, 37%)

* None. It’s not the lightbulb that needs changing! (9 votes, 21%)

* A small group to hold the bulb as the world revolves around them. (2 votes, 5%)

* One, but only after you’ve presented the problem in terms they are comfortable with. (4 votes, 9%)

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