The Democratic Underground Poll Of The Day: Who’s Really Responsible For 9/11?

This Democratic Underground poll was just too good to pass up…

The Backlash Cometh: “Poll question: What is your opinion about who is responsible for executing 9/11?

I’m having a difference of opinion on what constitutes “conventional wisdom” for DUers on whether the Taliban was protecting bin Laden prior to 9/11; and whether the Taliban and bin Laden had anything to do with the 9/11 attacks. Their position appears to be that they weren’t behind 9/11 and that the trail leads to the White House and LIHOP.

…So, I’d like to take a poll from DUers to see what the conventional wisdom is for this newsgroup. If Skinner would like to post a statement, I would appreciate it.

Poll result (180 votes)

The 9/11 investigation was inconclusive that bin Laden was involved. I believe the trail for those responsible for planning 9/11 leads to the White House. (121 votes, 67%)

I don’t know if it was bin Laden or another terrorist group, but I believe the White House LIHOP. (38 votes, 21%)

I believe that an emissary from the Bush Admin. stirred up a hornet’s nest by demanding that the Taliban provide land for a pipeline and also to hand over bin Laden. So, bin Laden approved the attacks (11 votes, 6%)

Other (please elaborate) (10 votes, 6%)”

Yes, you’re reading that right, folks. 159 out of 180 people at the Democratic Underground who have responded so far either believe the Bush administration planned 9/11 or knew it was coming and allowed it to happen. The other two options, you know, the ones that were picked by people who at least aren’t crazy, drew only 21 people (12% of the vote).

As you ponder the staggeringly high percentage of lunatics at DU who believe the Bush administration was involved in 9/11, remember that this is one of the most popular left-wing websites on the internet, so popular in fact that it was linked by John Kerry’s official blog.

Which begs an obvious question: how many other liberal Democrats believe this nonsense? How many members of liberal bloggers buy into it? What percentage of Dems on Capitol Hill believe Bush either knew 9/11 was coming and LIHOP (let it happen on purpose) or worse yet, MIHOP (made it happen on purpose)? Write these DU loons off as fringe crackpots if you’d like, but I’d note that’s what people used to do with Michael Moore, the man who can count Democratic members of Congress and even former President Jimmy Carter among his fans…

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