The Democratic Underground Post Of The Day: 9/11 Polling

Someone with the handle of “sabra” polled the fine folks at the forums of the Democratic Underground on a rather provocative question and produced some rather intriguing results. First, here’s Sabra’s question:

“Poll question: 9/11: LIHOP, MIHOP, or Other? LIHOP: let it happen on purpose. MIHOP: made it happend on purpose.”

Just in case you’re wondering who LIHOP or MIHOP, it’s the Bush administration. So, are you ready for the results? Here we go:

So 45% of the DUer’s think the Bush Administration was responsible for 9/11 and 41% believe they knew it was coming and deliberately allowed it to happen.

If you’re surprised, you shouldn’t be since RWN covered a similar poll done on the DU forums back in January. In that case:

159 out of 180 people at the Democratic Underground who have responded so far either believe the Bush administration planned 9/11 or knew it was coming and allowed it to happen. The other two options, you know, the ones that were picked by people who at least aren’t crazy, drew only 21 people (12% of the vote).

So, they may be crazy, but if it’s any consolation, at least they’re consistently crazy…Wait, in retrospect, wouldn’t it be better if they had become less nutty over time? Yeah, I guess so, huh?

Well, in that case, there is no upside here, especially for the Democrats who have to cater to these sort of loons because (God help us all) they make up a significant portion of their liberal base…

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