The Democratic Underground Post Of The Day: Are Most Americans As Stupid As Bush?

A running theme that a lot of liberals love to hit on is how stupid most of the American people are compared to left-wingers. Yes, many of the same intellectual powerhouses who believe we invaded Afghanistan for oil, went to Iraq so “Bush could git revenge fur his daddy”, and think Communism could work if it was “done right”, are of the opinion that everyone in America who disagrees with them is an ignoramus.

You’ve heard this sort of thing before from the archetype of a liberal Democrat, Michael Moore, but here are some more similar sentiments from run-of-the mill lefties at the Democratic Underground.

PS:This comments from this thread will tell you a lot more about what liberals really think than that phony Democratic convention…

mopaul: Original message — are MOST Americans as stupid as bush?

for all of our history, presidents have been the most intelligent men we could find generally speaking. a good speaker, a good command of the language, a good understanding of the world. but bush is at about the 4th grade level emotionally and intellectually.

some think that this is deliberate. put in a stupid man for the stupid people, what difference does it make? they are so stupid, they’ll see it as a positive thing, a stupid man for us stupid @sses.

we need a man who is at least as intelligent as we who are smart enough to go vote. but we were given, and we accepted, an idiot.

this administration will long be remembered as the ones who deliberately put the world’s stupidest man in charge, so they could rape us all.”

depakote_kid:Wasn’t it Eisenhower who was “shocked” to hear that 1/2 of all Americans had below average intelligence?

Of course, it depends on who you include in the population… if we’re talking all of Canada, Western Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, it could be considerably more than 1/2.”

Bowline: “I believe a great majority of Americans believe the last thing they hear. The ones that do bother to vote will simply check the name of the candidate whom they last saw a commercial for.

It doesn’t matter anyway. With the new electronic voting systems coming on line the election will be so rigged it’ll look like Chicago in the 1960s. Dead people voting, precincts showing 120% turnout, and since there is no paper trail to audit we’re gonna get the candidate THEY chose for us, regardless of who we actually vote for.”

dennis4868 “IT WORRIES ME….when the president is not as smart as I am….yikes!”

kodi: “most americans are dumber than bush & if that don’t scare ya’ nothing will lets face it, the traditional american antagonism towards living a life of the mind is constantly butressed by a propaganda of the right that makes “intellectualism” seem foreign….read “french” in kerry’s case. the dumber the people, the easier it is to sway them towards one’s will.”

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